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Running gear has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  There’s no shortage of running shoes, apparel, accessories, supplements and gadgets available to separate the runner from his or her money.  Still, I’ve found one piece of gear that no runner should be without.  The Road ID deserves to be the first piece of running gear I blog about, because it is the first piece of gear I check for when I’m preparing for any run of any distance in any weather at any time.  I hope it will be for you, too.

The founders of Road ID are a father and son team whose running experience led them to start this innovative company.  Edward Wimmer, Co-Owner of Road ID with his dad Mike, recalls “…So, there I was, in a ditch, on the side of the road, having nearly been hit by the aforementioned pick-up truck. From that ditch, my father’s suggestion to carry ID started to make a tremendous amount of sense.”

Since the company’s inception in the Wimmer’s basement, the company’s team of spokespeople (who have their own testimonials about the bracelet) includes such elite super athletes as Ironman champion Craig Alexander, and ultrarunning god Dean Karnazes.

My personal choice is the Wrist ID Sport (pictured) because it’s lightweight, and contains all the information a first responder would need in the event I were involved in an accident and unable to speak (some of you might view that as a welcome change) for myself .  Kidding aside, besides critical contact information, mine (the information on the picture above is not me) contains my blood type, and a statement regarding RX allergies.  Bottom line, no EMT will ever have to wait to provide care if I need it, and I’ll never be admitted to a hospital (or worse) as “John Doe”. 

There are a variety of products and styles available, including a slim version, one for your ankle, one that affixes to your shoe, and others.  There’s even an interactive model that simply contains login information for first responders to access a secure website that you populate with lots of critical personal and medical information.  Granted, the holidays are past, but this is a gift you should give yourself if for no other reason than peace of mind.

Gotta run, but not without my Road I.D.

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